Monday, October 8, 2007

Expect the worst while hoping for the best

I'm headed back to my RE tomorrow morning to see if my follicles are growing. My feelings are pretty well summed up by the following passage from Alice Domar's "Conquering Infertility":

As a woman being treated for infertility, you somehow have to “expect the worst while hoping for the best.” And that can be incredibly difficult. When you undergo infertility treatment, you have to psyche yourself up so much to endure the medications, to live with the side effects of hormone treatment, to bear the constant blood tests and ultrasounds and injections. You have to get excited about it, because that’s the only way you can push yourself to slog through the process. The problem is, when you psyche yourself up like that, when you put so much time and energy into doing a high-tech cycle, you also set yourself up for a huge crash if it fails.

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chicklet said...

I hope they are growing and that you get to see a little of the best instead of the worst.