Wednesday, October 10, 2007


After four days of Follistim injections, I had my follicles checked yesterday. There were 22 follicles, though most were less than 10 mm. There were two follicles on my right ovary that measured 13 mm and 14 mm, and my left ovary had one 17 mm follicle. After checking my estrogen levels, I was instructed to increase my Follistim dosage to 75 IU, and return for another ultrasound today.

This morning, the 17 mm follicle had grown to 18 mm, but there wasn't much change in the others. It was unclear whether they would trigger me today or have me continue the Follistim for one more day. By the afternoon, my estrogen test had returned, and I was told to go ahead with the HCG trigger tonight.

This is further than we got in the last cycle, so I'm pretty excited. The pessimist in me is bothered by the fact that I only have one mature follicle. I've heard of women having success with IUI with only one follicle, so I know it's possible, but it's hard not to think that the odds are not in our favor.

I was finally able to use the Ovidrel shot that I bought last month for our failed cycle, and the injection went smoothly. We're scheduled to do the IUI on Friday morning, 36 hours after the HCG trigger. Here we go!

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